Benefits of Building Blocks

Fine Motor skills
Children practice dexterity as they connect the parts and pieces of different sizes and shapes of the blocks. This requires different amounts of pressure to assemble and becomes a wonderful exercise for little fingers which supports children in being able to control the pressure they apply while writing.

Constructing blocks can take time and can test children’s patience, especially when that one important piece takes forever to find! In a world where children often want instant gratification, the building process can help children understand that it can take time to complete the task.

Creativity is improved as children use various shapes, colors and sizes when constructing blocks, be it a police station or a spacecraft traveling to the moon. Creativity and imagination are fostered when children have no limitations. In this situation there is no right or wrong, so children can explore their creativity without the fear of failure.

Hand Eye Co-ordination
Since a lot of the block pieces are fairly small, it’s really appreciative to watch your child build up their hand eye co-ordination. As they build, they are using their hands in new and exciting ways.

Following Instructions
When the constructing blocks are used for the first time, you have to follow the instructions from the manual step by step to achieve the outcome. Following directions is something many kids are lacking, which is why it is good when your child gets extra practice.

One of the best skills that your child is developing while constructing blocks is independence. Most children who plays with these tiny blocks want to be able to do it on their own. Independence is an awesome skill for a child of any age to learn.