Who we Are

We are a online store based in South African. Our aim is to reach out to our young loved ones and provide them with tools which will help in their development of essential skills, through play, fun and enjoyment.

We welcome you to browse our range of constructing blocks and start your young loved ones adventure.

Our Quality Products
Our products are carefully selected and tested before placing it online and making it available to our customers. This way we can be confident to our customers, that all our products are of a high-quality standard.

Our Pricing 
When we purchase our stock, we only do bulk purchasing negotiating the best price. This we able to give our customer very good prices on our products. We also study our online competitors products and prices, before pricing our products.

Our Free Gift Wrap Service
We offer a free gift wrap service to all our loyal customers, as a token of appreciation for your support.   Send your gift to your loved ones anywhere throughout South Africa. You can also add a short message with your gift.
Feel Secure when Shopping
When you visit our website, it is encrypted with SSL, your browser will form a connection with our website, look at the SSL certificate, then bind your browser to our website. This binding connection is secured to ensure no one besides you and the website can see or access what you type.

Feel Secure when Making Payment
We use South Africa most popular payment gateway PayFast, your bank information is encrypted through a 3d technology to process payment and two-way verification protection. This way you can feel secure and have complete peace of mind when purchasing through our website.

Our Customer Service
We pride ourselves in customer service, trying our best to please all our customers. This way knowing you will return to continue supporting us. If you have any queries you welcome to whatapp us: 068 110 1124 or email us: admin@andritec.co.za



Free Gift Wrapping
Quality Products
Secure website